Description and Review: 7Red and their sister site RedSlots are, for the team here at Slots, the go-to destination for classic slot machine games.

Boom Bucks, which is exclusive to them, is the latest 3 Reel, 5 Line creation.

And yes, it’s a simple, one-armed bandit with that typical ‘corner-of-the-pub’ fruit machine look that is instantly recognisable, but there is a twist. This comes in the form of the Boom Bucks Wheel at the top of the machine.

You can opt to play either 4 or 8 coins. 4 coins activates the lower value blue numbers on the wheel and 8 coins activates the higher numbers. The way it works is: every spin also spins the Boom Bucks indicator to the right of the main reels.

This has three settings: ‘Go’ causes that Boom Bucks Wheel to rotate. The amount that gets added to the ‘Boom Bucks Meter’ depends on where the wheel stops. However, if the Boom Bucks indicator reads ‘Stop’, the amount collected in your Boom Bucks Meter is reset.

You will need to hit ‘Boom Bucks’ to collect the amount in your meter, though and this doesn’t happen very often.

Strangely, though, the whole Boom Bucks idea actually focuses the attention almost completely on the Wheel and the Boom Bucks meter rather than on the main reel set.

This isn’t surprising as wins on the main reels are few and far between. There’s lots of dead spins on this one and you can go through a large amount of cash without really noticing.

Similarly, while the Boom Bucks meter can increase rapidly and the potential payouts are worth getting, the meter is more likely to be reset than to pay out.

Really, I’m not sure what to make of Boom Bucks. It’s very much a case of ‘all or nothing’ on this one and it does become frustrating to keep seeing that meter get re-set before it has ever paid out.

Someone, somewhere is going to hit big on this game, but unless you have nerves of steel and a big balance to start with, it probably won’t be you. It definitely wasn’t us!

Game Information: 3 Reel, 5 Payline Slot Machine.

Boom Bucks Feature: Each spin triggers the Boom Bucks indicator. There are three options:

‘Go’ – The Boom Bucks Wheel spins and adds an amount to the Boom Bucks Meter.

‘Stop’ – The Boom Bucks meter is re-set.

‘Boom Bucks’ – the total in the Meter can be collected.

Coin Sizes: 4 or 8 coins per spin.

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