Description and Review: 3 Reels and 27 possible win combinations is all Crazy Jackpot 60,000 needs to be a fun game in the classic slots mould.

With this one, the 7Red Group have sharpened up the look of their retro slots games so that, even though this is a Fruit machine, the Cherries, Lemons and other symbols look somehow contemporary.

The twist here is the two multiplier reels (called the Crazy Reels) to the right of the main reelset. These only come into play if you get a win. Then, if the Gods are with you, they could multiply that win by as much as 200x. The operative word here is, of course, ‘could’…

The good news is that you’ll get some kind of winning combination every 2-3 spins. Mainly, these are pretty small – smaller than your total stake in fact – but the multiplier reels could turn them into something far better.

If you get some kind of multiplier on the first of the Crazy reels, then the second Crazy reel will spin, which could increase your win still further.

Most likely, though, you’ll get no win at all on the first Crazy Reel or just a 2x multiplier and nothing on the second Crazy Reel.

But, that shouldn’t put you off. The way the Crazy Reels work is that your initial win could be multiplied twice, so a 2 coin win could end up as a 400 coin win

Here’s the maths for that:

2 coins x 10 on 1st Crazy Reel = 20 coins.

20 coins x 20 on 2nd Crazy Reel = 400 coins).

Crazy Jackpot 60000 is one of those games where it is that potential big hit that keeps you going.

That ‘200x’ multiple I mentioned? You will need to get the top multiple for each of the Joker symbols on the Crazy Reels.

Does this happen a lot? Well, no. Of course it doesn’t. But it is fun to chase the big wins on this one.

Personally, the largest win I got was 8,000 coins. Not really very near the top 60,000 coins prize, but certainly not to be dismissed.

Crazy Jackpot 60,000 is as simple as can be. There’s no free spins, pick ’em bonuses, trails, levels, achievements or quests. You hit a win. You get a chance to multiply that win up to something really impressive. That’s it.

It’s no secret that I love slots like this, so I’m backing Crazy Jackpot 60,000 to be a success among those of you out there who feel as I do. Classic slots are dead? No way. Long live the classic slot.

Game Information: 3 Reel, 27 Win line Slot Machine.

Wild Symbol: Joker symbol. This substitutes for all other symbols. Three wilds pays 100 coins.

Crazy Reels Function: Any win activates the Crazy Reels to the right of the main reelset.

The first crazy reel can multiply your win by nothing, 2x, 3x or 5x.

If the Joker symbol appears, the win is multiplied by 2x-10x at random.

If the win is ‘nothing’ the second Crazy Reel does not activate.

The second Crazy Reel will multiply the total win by nothing, 4x, 6x, 10x or the Joker will appear, which multiplies the win by 2x-20x.

Maximum Win: 60,000 coins. Coin Sizes: 0.02, 0.5, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00

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