Description and Review: Jackpot Ultra is an old fashioned looking classic slot game, exclusively at 7Red Casino.

If you’re a fan of classic slots, you’ll know what to expect visually – lots of flashing lights, a paytable that surrounds the main reels, fruits, 7s and Bells – it’s all here. Indeed, it reminds me of one of those fruit machines I used to play in the Chip shop in my mis-spent youth.

It’s hard to review this type of slot machine as it plays pretty much as you will think it does. But, as with all classic slots, it does have some points of difference.

In the case of Jackpot Ultra, their unique feature is a second set of reels above the first. The way this works is that, if you get a win on the bottom set of reels, you can click the ‘transfer’ button and play on the upper reels.

The upper reels have an auto nudge feature that is more likely to result in a win. If there is a ‘near miss’, the nudge feature will activate and nudge the symbols into a winning combination. However, your first spin (with 3 auto-nudges) will cost you 60 coins. You can, of course, collect your win at any time – you don’t have to use it all on the upper reels.

One of the features we made most use of was the ‘double up gamble’ option on the bottom reels – choose the ‘Star’ or ‘1’ button and if your guess is correct, your win is doubled. One word of warning: I doubled and doubled and, well, doubled far too frequently until I lost. It’s tempting to keep doubling, but resist!

There is a progressive jackpot of several thousand dollars which can be won by hitting three Joker symbols on the upper reels, so my advice is to spend much of your time playing the top reels.

There are still loads of classic slots fans out there and Jackpot Ultra is sure to appeal to those people. Players that prefer all-singing, all-dancing video slots might not find much to like about this slot, though.

Game Information: 3 Reel, 10 Payline Slot.

Double Up: You can gamble a win by choosing either the Star or ‘1’ button. If you pick correctly, your win is doubled. Players can double up more than once.

Transfer: Wins can be transferred to the upper set of reels.

Auto Nudge: The upper reels have 1-3 auto nudges, depending on bet size (20 coins gives 1 nudge; 40 gives 2 and 60 coins gives 3). The auto-nudge activates if a winning combination can be created.

Progressive Jackpot: The progressive jackpot can be won by hitting three Joker symbols.

Coin Sizes: 0.02 to 1.00.

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