Description and Review: The fashion in classic slot design seems to be this: bet more coins, get access to more features. And Red Hot 7s certainly doesn’t buck this trend. Those 7s are not red hot – in fact, they’re not in play at all – unless you are betting 10 coins.

Thankfully, though, 10 coins is far from a bank-breaking amount as the minimum coin size is pretty low.

So what you’ve got here is a three reel traditional slot machine with three bet sizes – 1, 5 or 10 coins.

In reality, this is three separate slots games.

Playing 1 Coin

If you bet only 1 coin per spin, you will be playing a lower value paytable, but you can gamble any wins by using the ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ buttons.

A quick word about this while I remember. I’m well aware that the outcome of features is pre-determined, but I hate it when I press, say, the ‘Heads’ button and the light continues to flash between the Heads and Tails icons for two or three more seconds. I know that slots like this are meant to have a retro feel but I want that light to stop as soon as I press the button. That way it at least feels like I have some control over the outcome!

Playing 1 coin doesn’t activate the 7s Matrix at the top right of the reels but it does offer some smaller prizes for certain two of a kinds.

Playing 1 Coin is fun, but to get the real value out of this slot, you should definitely be mixing up those bet sizes.

What About Playing 5 Coins?

Using 5 coins, you will be playing the higher value paytable where the average value of a win is doubled. You don’t get a prize for two of a kind, though, the Heads or Tails option isn’t there and the 7s Matrix is still not available.

Bigger wins notwithstanding, I don’t really see the point of playing 5 coins.

Playing 10 Coins

If you play 10 coins, however, the 7s Matrix is activated and you also get the higher wins. The 7s Matrix is the main feature of this game and it’s a good ‘un.

Any red or blue ‘7’ symbol that appears on the main reels when a spin has ended is duplicated onto the matrix in the same position. That symbol will stay in place until you either get a win on the Matrix itself that uses that symbol or the symbol is replaced by a 7 of a different colour.

This feature significantly reduces the variance of the slot as a whole and makes it more fun to play. While matrix prizes are either 20 coins (for three blue 7s) or 50 coins (for three red 7s), if you hit three of a kind of the red 7s on the main reels, your total prize could be 250 coins. That’s a very tasty 25x total stake for just one spin.

Additionally, I was concerned that the whole matrix would be reset if you hit a win, but that’s not the case. 7s that weren’t part of a winning combination stay in place. That’s a cool touch and makes me like Red Hot 7s just that bit more.

This is the kind of 3 reel classic online slots game that always makes me smile. I have to admit to being biased towards slots like this, but Red Hot 7s does have plenty to keep your interest, the wins are a all a good multiple of your total bet and it’s simple to play. Another winner exclusive to 7Red Casino.

Game Information: 3 Reel, 5 Payline Slot Machine.

Head or Tails Gamble Feature: Only available to those playing a single coin. Here you can choose to gamble any win by choosing heads or tails. Guessing correctly doubles your win.

Top Paytable: The slot uses two different paytables. The top paytable has larger prizes for winning combinations but is only triggered by betting 5 or 10 coins.

7s Matrix: Betting 10 coins per spin activates the Matrix.

Any Red or Blue 7 that appears on a spin (winning or losing) on the main reels is duplicated into the same position on the 3×3 Matrix.

The symbol stays in place on the Matrix. It can, however, be replaced by a 7 of a different colour.

A winning combination on the Matrix will remove all the symbols that make up that win. Three Blue 7s on the Matrix pays 20 coins. Three Red 7s on the Matrix pays 50 coins.

Bet Sizes: 1, 5 or 10 coins per spin.

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