Description and Review: A Safari themed slot – complete with wild animal noises – is a welcome addition to the world of online slots. Well, it beats yet another Three Little Pigs themed game, that’s for sure.

Even better, there’s a unique feature to this slot. At least, we hadn’t come across it before we played Wild Gambler. But, before we get to that, let’s have a look at the game feel and graphics.

Personally, I’m pretty impressed by the whole look of the game: it’s cartoon-ish in a kinda animated Jungle Book sort of way, but it is certainly appealing. There are Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants and even Meerkat symbols. For once, we don’t even mind the Q,K,J type symbols. Wild Gambler is certainly a good looking slot and that – for most people – means they are more willing to give the game a chance.

That Cool Feature:

Do you remember those classic slots that allow you to hold an entire reel or two in the hope that this would mean a bigger win on your next spin? Of course you do. Wouldn’t it have been better if you could have chosen to hold only specific symbols and not the whole reel? Of course it would.

With Wild Gambler, that’s exactly what you can do – well, almost. What you can do is to ‘lock’ Wild Lion symbols after a spin. In fact, you can go one better than that. After every spin, you can click on any icon and it will turn into a Wild symbol. Similarly, if you click on a symbol that is already wild, it will turn into a regular symbol. Once you’ve decided on how many wild or non-wild symbols you wish to have, clicking the ‘Lock and Spin’ button will lock those wilds into place and re-spin the wheels.

Be Warned: The more wild symbols you lock into place, the higher your bet will be for the next spin. I do like the fact that the game tells you how much your ‘Lock and Spin’ bet will be before you’ve made it. Even better, under the ‘win’ column, you’ll see how much you’ve won and from what stake. For example, the last spin before writing this review won 20.00 from a 27.90 stake. Or, if you have to be literal about it, we lost 7.90!

Taking One For The Team: The whole team here at Slots were fascinated by the whole ‘Lock and Spin’ option. So we decided to do crazy stuff like locking pretty much every symbol as a wild. The end result: spins costing between $1000 and $2000 with wins of $500 to $1000. We did it so you don’t have to!.

While we couldn’t figure out any strategy for locking the wild symbols that would give consistent wins, we were pleased to discover that the house edge was only 3.3%.

As well as the locked wilds option, there is a free spins round triggered by the appearance of 5 Meerkats anywhere on the reels. These aren’t a symbol as such. They just pop up over already existing symbols. You get 8 free spins if this happens.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed playing Wild Gambler. I also have to say that – in free play mode – the team went through around ?10,000! However, it’s great to play a slots game that has something different to offer and where you can potentially win big. Definitely one we’ll come back to.

Game Information: 5 Reel, 20 Payline slot machine.

Free Spins Round: 5 Meerkats gives you 8 free spins.

Wild Symbol: The Lion symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols.

Lock and Spin: Players can choose to ‘lock’ wild symbols in place before the next spin. They are also able to change non-wild symbols for wild Lion symbols by clicking on a symbol. Choose the ‘Lock and Spin’ option keeps all chosen wild symbols in place.

Coin Sizes: 0.01 to 10.00

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