Description and Review: BetSoft themselves are describing WhoSpunIt as “a thrilling blend of industry leading 3D video slots, a compelling murder mystery plot and elements of social gaming”. And I must admit the Clue (Cluedo to people in the UK) theme of the slot – combined with the different levels – did appeal.

Before I dive in and explain why I think WhoSpunIt is something of a turkey, it makes sense to give an overview of how the slot works. It’s fairly complex compared to most games out there.

The idea behind the slot is that you are a detective trying to solve a murder. There are a number of game levels you have to go through to unmask the killer. In each of these ‘Detective Mode’ rounds, you will find the murder weapon, the location of the murder and ultimately choose your suspect..

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t..

Firstly, the initial games play is a timed 10 minute round. There is a deeply annoying clock ticking every second and the Detective avatar keeps cackling at odd moments and saying ‘so many suspects, but who’s the murderer?. In fact, he says this so frequently that if I could have somehow entered the game, I would have murdered the Detective myself!!

Secondly, during the normal round, you collect (at random) clue spins that you use in the other levels. All the team initially thought this would mean the Level 1 Clue Collecting Round would be free spins. It isn’t. And, unless you are really lucky, you won’t get through Level 1 at the first attempt.

That means back for another ten minutes of regular play, where the wins are tiny and your bank balance keeps going down.

Similarly, getting through the Detective Levels doesn’t win you much in the way of cash, either. Nor does unmasking the murderer.

Apparently, you can win 320,500 coins on WhoSpunIt, but we just can’t see how.

The game is just dull and there isn’t enough feeling of progress or achievement as you collect the clues and go through the levels. Even the ‘questioning the suspect’ round at the end has a feeling of anti-climax.

Alison’s review notes concluded with “got bored, put it on auto-spin and went off and did some ironing”! I know how she felt.

The problem is that you will spend far too much time in the normal timed game mode where there are no big wins to be had. So, when you get to the Clue Levels, any wins you get have already been swallowed up.

Similarly, it just feels like a normal slot game in the Clue Levels not the “thrilling mystery and social gaming” innovation BetSoft were promising.

I’m afraid BetSoft have got this one all wrong. A slot to avoid.

Game Information: 5 Reel, 30 Payline Slot Machine.

Free Spins: During normal games play, if all five suspects appear on the reels, you trigger the free spins round. You are awarded 10 free spins. Choose a character to get either 1-5 random wilds, 2x free spins, pay both ways, a 4x multiplier or a random expanding wild.

Clue Spins: Awarded at random during the 10 minute normal game mode. These are used in Clue Collecting Levels.

Clue Level 1 – Location: Your clue spins from the normal round determine how many spins you get in this level. You collect clue points for 3, 4 or 5 of a kind. Collecting 5 clue points on any of the Gazebo, Study, Kitchen, Dining Room or Bathroom solves that level.

Clue Level 2 – Murder Weapon: Again, your clue spins determine the number of spins you get for level 2. Five clue points for either the Knife, the Wrench, the Gun, Poison or Noose solves level two.

Clue Level 3 – Critical Clue: As with the two previous levels, five clue points solves this level. There are five clues tied in which each of the five suspects. These are the Cigarette, the Stethescope, the Duster, the Watch and the Spilled Tea symbols.

Evidence and Solving The Murder: After Level 3, you are taken to another bonus screen. Getting the evidence symbol in the centre of reel 3 leads you to interrogate the murder for bonus prizes.

Coin Sizes: 0.02 to 1.00

Maximum Win: 320,500 coins.

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