Description and Review: According to those sages of eternal knowledge, S Club 7, “there ain’t no party like an S Club Party”. Now far be it from me to question the wisdom of Rachel Stevens and all, but clearly they haven’t played Super Jackpot Block Party from WMS Gaming. Because verily it is said: there ain’t no party like a Williams Jackpot Block Party.

This, as WMS fanatics will have guessed, is the follow up to the original Super Jackpot Party – a slot with graphics that look like they were designed by a hyperactive 5 year old with colour blindness. Thankfully, the graphics on the Block Party slot are much improved, although there’s still a tendency to use every colour in the paint box.

The majority of WMS games do seem to fall into the ‘high variance’ category but that’s not the case with Jackpot Block Party, thankfully. While I (Matt, if you didn’t know) didn’t record the average number of dead spins, Alison’s notes mention that she didn’t go more than 9 spins without hitting a win.

While a lot of the wins in the base game are small (less than total bet size), we all found that Super Jackpot Block Party did throw up some decent sized hits regularly enough to make this a fun 30 line game, even if you don’t hit the bonus feature.

One thing to note: one particular combination of symbols (3 in the middle row and then 1 each on the bottom row of reels 4 and 5) look like they should trigger a win but don’t. This had us confused to start with, but know you know!

Bonus feature wise – there are two. Both are ‘Pick ‘Em’ features, which are usually dull. Not here though. Well, the ‘Pick a Present’ feature (triggered by three scattered Gift Box symbols) is pretty boring unless it takes you to the main ‘Block Party’ bonus round.

The Block Party bonus shows you four screens of gift wrapped presents: one screen for each party. You start off by picking presents for the ‘Players Party’. Each awards a prize and the round continues until one of two things happens. Either you reveal a skull n’ crossbones, which ends the round (and has a cartoon character shouting at you for ruining their Majong night or something) or you hit the ‘Plunger’ symbol which unlocks another party.

If you pick presents in the other party screens when they are available, presents open in all available parties, giving you bigger wins.

So, in theory, you could have all four parties in play (the Super Plunger will unlock all four at the same time) and rack up some monster wins. The best we did was to have the Players Party, The Office and the VIP Party simultaneously, but that was enough for a good hit.

So, while the feature is a ‘Pick ‘Em’ it is far more fun and engaging than most rounds of this type.

The round can be triggered in two ways – one from three scattered Feature symbols. But we mainly got it via the scattered Present ‘Pick Em’ round.

We did occasionally get a very small win in the Feature round (?9 was the smallest), most of the wins were well worth waiting for.

Another thing of note is that if you get a Pooper (which closes one party) or the Skull n’ Crossbones Buzz Kill (which closes all parties) on your first spin, it is ignored. This is pretty cool and ensures you’ll at least win something.

Super Jackpot Block Party is a great addition to the WMS catalogue of online slots and one you’ll enjoy. Not sure about their definition of a ‘Block’ Party but we’ll let that go as the 96.12% return to player made this a slot you should be playing. And you can bet up to ?60 per spin so high rollers will love it too. One for every type of player, this game.

Game Information: 5 Reel, 30 Payline Slot Machine.

Wild Symbol: Super Jackpot logo. Substitutes for all except feature symbols.

Scatter Symbol: Three or more scattered Presents triggers the ‘Present Pick’ feature. 3 scatters gives a maximum 10x bet size, 4 gives a 3-10x maximum win and 5 gives a 10-100x total bet win. The Block Party feature can also be triggered via the Present Pick round.

Block Party Bonus: Triggered by any three of the feature symbols appearing on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

The Block Party screen shows four sub-screens, each representing a different party.

Players select presents to win prizes. The round ends if you hit the Buzz Kill or Pooper symbol and have only one screen unlocked.

Additional screens are unlocked by the Plunger or Super-Plunger symbols. Here each present selected also opens another present of the same colour in the other parties.

If more than one party is unlocked, the appearance of the Pooper symbol will close that party and the appearance of the Buzz Kill symbol closes all parties.

There is an additional Pick ‘Em feature in the Block Party round. Triggered by the Punch symbol, you select one of the four Pooper characters to win a prize.

The Block Party round ends when all open parties are closed.

Coin Sizes: 0.01 to 2.00.

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