Description and Review: Moving away from endless Marvel slots, Playtech have really pulled out all the stops to make Piggies and the Wolf a visuall stunning game. From the introductory video to the animations in the bonus rounds, you will be impressed by the whole look of this game.

While the three little pigs story is hardly the most original theme for a slots game, this is a well thought through variation on the theme. However, low rollers should know that you do have to play all 50 lines, so the minimum bet is $0.50 (a penny per line).

So, how do we find it as a game? Well, we all really enjoyed playing it. Considering the number of lines, the variance was higher than expected. Each of the three pig symbols had far, far better payouts in the base game than the other symbols. But, we did like the frequent stacked wilds that gave us enough mid and larger sized wins to make the regular game worthwhile on its own.

Similarly, one of the bonus rounds (there are three) occurs when you get reel 5 completely filled with stacked wilds. This happened to all three of our reviewers frequently enough for me to be confident in saying that this is a common occurance in the game.

The stacked wilds on Reel 5 trigger the ‘Huff n’ Puff’ feature where the Big Bad Wolf rides in on his motorbike, blows on the symbols on the reels which then re-arrange themselves to form the largest possible win. We hit some mid sized wins on this. And, as I already said, the Huff n’ Puff feature did get triggered fairly often.

The other two bonuses are less frequent. One is 15 free spins, triggered by three scattered Piggies and The Wolf symbol. As well as being re-triggerable, the free spins round has a twist where a wolf symbol to the right of any of the three piggies symbols will chase that symbol to the left, creating wilds as it goes, until both symbols fall off the reels. Again, there are some decent wins to be picked up here too.

Our absolute favourite though is the Blow The House Down bonus – both in terms of animation and potential. Here the Wolf approaches each of the three houses. You, the player, pick one of three moves that the wolf uses before trying to blow the house down. Each puff wins a prize until the house is even blow down, revealing the pig inside. The round will continue until you pick a wrong symbol and fail to blow down a house.

The animations as the pigs run from one house to another are pretty cool. They certainly made us smile.

Overall, Piggies and the Wolf is a great looking slot, that is enjoyable to play and has the potential for some good profit. Additionally, super high rollers will be pleased and impressed by the maximum per line bet of $50! What more could you want from a slot machine?

Game Information: 5 Reel, 50 Payline Slot Machine.

Wild Symbol: The Wolf is wild and substitutes for all except scattered Piggies and the Wolf logo and bonus symbols.

The wild symbol can appear stacked on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Huff n’ Puff Feature: Stacked wilds on all positions of Reel 5 trigger this. The symbols on the reels are shuffled, creating an additional potential win. Cannot be re-triggered.

Free Spins Round: Three scattered Piggies and the Wolf logo symbols (reels 1, 3 and 5) trigger 15 free spins. This round can be re-triggered an unlimited number of times. Wolf symbols appearing to the right of any pig symbol will change all positiions on that row to the left of the Wolf symbol into wilds.

Blow The House Down Feature: Three scattered Bonus symbols (reels 1, 3 and 5) trigger this round. The Big Bad Wolf attempts to blow down the Houses of Straw, Wood and Brick. Players choose one of three special moves to try to blow the first two houses down. Each puff gives a prize. If the house fails to fall on the first puff, the player may choose again.

The round ends if any of the houses is not blown down.

If the player reaches the House of Bricks, he or she chooses one of three Gas Tanks to help the Wolf blow down the house. Successfully blowing down the House of Bricks results in the largest prize award.

Coin Sizes: All 50 lines must be played. Coin sizes are 0.01 to 50.00

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