Description and Review: The original Zeus slot machine has proven to be one of Williams Interactive’s most popular and enduring titles – both in land casinos and online casinos. Whereas that was a fairly standard looking 30 line, Zeus 3 (or Zeus III, if you prefer) has no less than 192 win lines.

By the way, if you are wondering what happened to Zeus 2 then the answer is: we don’t know. It exists offline. Alison has played it, so it must do. But, strangely, it doesn’t seem to have made the transition to the internet. I’ve no idea why!

Anyway, back to Zeus 3 and its 192 paylines. It would take forever to describe to someone who has never played this slot before how all the lines work so I’m not going to do that. I strongly suggest you take a look at the paytable. And if your eyes don’t hurt after a minute or two, then you’ll be doing well.

What I will say is that the slot looks kinda like a pyramid that has fallen on its side: it has two lines on the first reel, 3 on the second, 4 on the third up to to 7 on the sixth reel. Yup, six reels. So, yes, a six of a kind is possible.

The second thing I’ll say is that, because of the crazy paylines, you will frequently get wins where you find you’ve won on 40 or 50 lines. While most individual winning combinations are very low (pennies), getting 50 of them soon adds up. I have to say: it’s great fun getting 36 3 of a kinds, 8 four of a kinds and 3 five of a kinds off one spin. It certainly isn’t something you’ll see on 99% of slot machines, that’s for sure.

Graphically, Zeus III is pretty much what you would expect from WMS. It’s not terrible, but it’s very far from great. I really wish they would sharpen up the look of their slots for the online versions, though. It would make a big difference.

Having said that: Zeus 3 is one of the most fun online slots we’ve played in months. You can expect a win of some kind every few spins and there are some massive hits to be had. The most we got was ?2160.00 off a single spin in the base game. We got some other huge hits on that session too and ended it around ?4k up. Look out for Zeus symbols covering a whole reel. These transform into a reel of wilds and seem to be critical to those big wins.

There is definitely a lot to love about the base game in Zeus III. Strangely, though, we found the bonus round to be much tighter.

The bonus feature – a free spins round – has the reels reversed from how they are laid out in the base game. In other words, the first reel has 7 symbols and the last just two. The result of this seems to be less frequent and smaller overall wins.

Strangely, however, the scattered Thunderbolt symbols which trigger the bonus round in the first place hit far more often in the bonus round itself, giving more and more free spins. We ended up with 55 free spins on one occasion. So, even though the bonus round wasn’t paying as well as the base game, we did very well out of it anyway.

A quick check of the help file reveals that the return to player for Zeus 3 is 96%. We would have thought it would be higher. This isn’t one of WMS’ super tight, high variance slots where you can go spin after spin after spin without the sniff of a win. On the contrary, Zeus III is pretty generous.

You can see why this slot is so popular in casinos. It’s a gem and you’ll enjoy playing it for fun and free or for real money. There’s massive wins to be had and – as usual – you can bet some serious money, although you can play for just 0.40 per spin too.

Game Information: 6 Reel, 192 Payline Slot Machine.

Wild Symbol: Olympus. Substitutes for all except Thunderblot.

Zeus Symbol: A full reel of Zeus symbols turns that complete reel into wilds.

Scatter Symbol: Thunderbolt.

Free Spins: Three or more scattered Thunderbolts trigger the free spins round. Three Thunderbolts gives 10 free spins; 4 awards 25 free spins plus a 10x total bet prize and 5 gives you 50 free spins plus a 50x total bet prize.

The free spins round can be re-triggered.

Coin Sizes: All lines must be bet. Bet sizes from 0.40 to 80.00 per spin.

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