Description and Review: It feels like only a day since we were reviewing the last Leander slots release. And, well, that’s because it was. But here we are again, taking a look at Potion Factory – their new 40 reel slot machine.

As is usual, the game theme is well thought out and the graphics are both fun and impressively rendered.

Describing what the game is about may be a little tricky though. Basically, there are a bunch of little monsters who are trying to manufacture a potion to make them super-strong. That’s as close as I can get….Look, you’re going to have to play the free demo above to get a sense of this theme. It certainly looks good and the little guys are cute, for sure.

I guess that the main talking point in the regular game is the ‘Auto Nudge’ feature. Unlike the recently reviewed (and rather fantastic) Jumping Beans slot from RTG you effectively have to double your total bet amount to enable this feature.

The question is: does the Nudge feature lead to higher wins than you would otherwise have received? Well, because it nudges Reels 2 and 4 up to three positions each, it definitely leads to wins you wouldn’t have got. But that’s not quite the same thing.

It would be a different matter if this feature also increased your win amount, but it doesn’t.

To be honest, I’m definitely not convinced of the benefit of this feature. If I had time to do a full statistically analysis and comparison of Nudge On v Nudge Off, I might be able to give a definitive answer. But for now, let’s just say that I don’t believe you’ll win more by enabling the Auto Nudge. Just a word to the wise!

This is particularly true as most of the bigger wins are found in the bonus feature. This is triggered by three or more scattered Bonus Potion Maker symbols on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the Auto-Nudge feature isn’t even on the reels that trigger the bonus.

The bonus round is pretty cool, though. Effectively, it’s a 3-in-1 feature. You spin a wheel to reveal whether you get an instant win (the multiplier is shown on the wheel), free spins or the X-Formula bonus round (more about this in the ‘Game Information’ section below. Better still, there are three levels of bonus. If you see ‘Go To Level 2’ or ‘Go To Level 3’ after you have spun the wheel, you know that you will get another bonus round after the first or second one.

My personal fave is the free spins round. Here the wilds don’t expand, but they are sticky and I ended up with €134 off a €1.60 bet for that round alone. Those wilds certainly turn up frequently in this round. It’s great fun and it’s where all the big prizes are.

Review Conclusion: Re-reading this, I’ve made a lot of the auto-nudge feature and why I don’t like it. However, if you choose to ignore that, Potion Factory is a good, solid, low variance slot machine that will keep you entertained over long periods. You might even come out ahead!

Game Information: 5 Reel, 40 Payline slot machine.

Wild Symbol: The Potion Bottle is the wild symbol. This is an expanding wild that can appear on any reel and substitutes for all except the bonus symbol.

Scatter Symbol: The Bonus Potion Maker symbol. This appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5. Three scattered bonus symbols trigger the bonus round.

Bonus Round: The first step is to spin the wheel to find out which of three different bonuses you have been awarded. There are also three bonus levels available. You will learn if you are going to get to Level 2 or 3 as it displays in the centre of the wheel after your bonus round has been chosen.

Free Spins Bonus: This gives up to 8 free spins for Level 1 (11 for Level 2 and 15 for Level 3). The Wild symbol is sticky during the free spins bonus.

Instant Wins Bonus: This automatically gives you a win of up to 7x your line bet (12x for Level 2)

X-Formula Bonus: Here you start with a maximum win of 25x your line bet (32x for Level 2). You choose potions in order to turn the cute monster guy into a super strong monster at which point this bonus ends.

However, if you choose wrong, you could turn the little guy into a Hamburger or a Pinata. Every wrong choice reduces your win.

Coin Sizes: 0.01 to 10.00 per line.

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