Description and Review: Firstly does Energoonz remind you of anything? Thought so. However, the whole ‘cute-aliens-energy-metre’ visuals and feel are pretty much where any similarity ends.

In fact, Energoonz has a new twist on the whole tumbling reels thing which simultaneously makes this slot both confusing and entertaining.

Although, like other tumbling reel slots, winning combinations are replaced by symbols falling from above, new symbols don’t fall into place at the top of the reels. This takes some getting used to. However, when you learn that – in fact – clearing the reels wins you an extra 100x total bet size, you’ll begin to see the difference between Energoonz and other slots that kinda look the same.

Playing the game, you’ll notice that spins either result in pretty much no wins at all or in decent sized hits. That’s because, as you fill up the Energy Metre with winning combinations, you get an increasing win multiplier: up to 8x. You’ll also notice that wins can be created vertically as well as horizontally.

One of the stranger things about Energoonz is the bet sizes. While having to bet all lines isn’t unusual, you have only four bet options here: 0.20, 1.00, 10.00 and 40.00 per spin. To me, that’s very, very odd and it may put a few people off. Mid-rollers, if there are such things, for example.

While there isn’t a traditional free spins round, there is a Bonus feature with a whole bunch of different cute aliens (who look even more like the ones from Net Entertainment’s Space Wars slot). This is triggered by clearing a reel to reveal the word ‘Bonus’ beneath that column. Don’t rely on the Bonus round happening frequently: it is very difficult to trigger. And, even once you’ve got there, you’ll need five matching symbols to get a win.

So far much of this review has been explanation, so let me tell you that Energoonz is fun to play, quirky and looks fantastic. You should get a decent amount of game time out of this one, but you won’t finish up (or down) a huge amount. The RTP is 96.7% – so we’d really recommend Energoonz as an entertainment slot, although you could choose to be brave and bet that 40.00 per spin!

Game Information: 5 Reel, 30 Payline Slot Machine.

Three or more matching symbols in a row – either horizontal or vertical – give a win.

Wild Symbol: Blue Electrical Ball symbol substitutes for all.

Energy Metre: Consecutive wins fill up the energy metre and give additional multipliers on winning combinations: up to a maximum 8x multiplier.

Clear Screen: If successive wins mean that the reels are completely clear, you are awarded a 100x bet size prize.

Bonus Round: Clear on the symbols on a column to reveal the word ‘Bonus’ hidden beneath triggers the bonus feature.

The bonus round features new alien symbols where 5 or more triggers a win.

Additional bonus rounds for 5 or more Energy symbols can be awarded – to a maximum of 20 rounds.

Coin Sizes: All lines must be bet. Bet sizes are 0.20, 1.00, 10.00 and 40.00.

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