Description and Review: At first glance, the layout of the Supernova slots screen is slightly odd. There’s a slightly larger set of three reels to the left and two smaller reels on the right. It does take a little getting used to.

Basically, though, the 2 reels on the right are multipliers for wins on the three reels on the left. Multipliers up to 10x your bet value are available. I guess this makes Supernova a three reel slot with a twist – more on this later!

Style-wise, Supernova reminds me a little of NetEnt’s Elements slot. The symbols are mainly of planets going Supernova along with other galactic icons like Worm Holes and helixes. It does look great, if not particularly unique.

So, what’s good about Supernova? Well, the best feature is that the multiplier reels, well, multiply! I know that sounds dumb, but here’s how it works:

If you get a win on the main three reels, the two multiplier reels spin. Your win is increased by the multiplier shown in the middle position of the 1st reel. That’s pretty cool in itself. However, if the second multiplier reel also shows a multiplier, then your win is multiplied again.

I’m expressing this really badly, so let me give you an example. Let’s say you win 50 coins on the main three reels. If the first multiplier reel comes up with a 5x figure, then you have won 50 x 5 (250) coins. But – and this is the best bit, if the second multiplier reel comes up with, say, a 10x figure, then your win is 50 x 5 x 10 or a massive 2,500 coins!

For me, Supernova takes the three reel slot up a level. No messing around with silly bonus rounds, free spins or features that don’t pay out. If you win – you win and you might get up to 100x your win if you are lucky with the multiplier reels. Simple. Fun. Give it a go.

Game Information: 3 Reel slot, 27 Paylines

Wild Symbol: The ‘Wild’ symbol substitutes for all but multiplier symbols.

Coin Sizes: 0.25 to 50.00

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