Description and Review: OK, before we dive into our review of Costume Party, let me just say something about Rival Gaming and their slots, in particular. For many of you, Rival are a no go area. A combination of poor managerial decisions plus some dodgy licensees has kinda tainted their name.

However, in terms of slot games development, they’ve never been less than great. You are truly missing out on some innovative and, above all, fun slots. So put your feelings about Rival to one side for a moment and give ’em a go.

So, to Costume Party. This, technically, is a three reel, three line slot. But it’s one with a difference. The theme, as the name pretty much tells you, is a fancy dress party. Characters include a Cowboy, a Spaceman, a Nurse, a Chicken and Frankenstein.

So, what’s different about this slot? Well, I’m glad you asked! Instead of winning when you get three or more of the same symbol, here the goal is to match up the head, body and legs of each character. Do that and you’ve won some cash.

This is an innovative approach to solving the problem that often afflicts three reel slots, which is: boredom. After all, a Cowboy with the body of a nurse and the legs of a chicken is a more entertaining sight than yet another losing spin with Jacks, Queens and Kings on the reels.

Stylistically, Costume Party looks and plays great. The graphics are extremely good and the game play is smooth like, well, something very smooth. A Panther maybe…maybe not! There’s been plenty of work put into this to ensure that the three elements (head, body and legs) line up precisely whether or not they are supposed to go together. It’s an admirable job and we salute the developers for this.

Winning? Well, the return to player is 94.5% so Costume Party is not exactly generous over long sessions. We found that playing 3 coins on each reel at 1.00 (total 9.00 bet) worked best in terms of maximizing our return. Some of the characters – the Frankenstein and the rather emo-looking Witch – have very high payouts so there are big wins to be had.

In fact, because there are no free spins or bonus rounds, all of the value to be in Costume Party is right there in the main game. There is a Wild symbol, but it doesn’t appear very often. So, our advice is to play this game with a decent starting bankroll and to bet fairly high on each spin. Once you get ahead, then you can make a decision whether to drop your coin size or to quit while you are winning.

One other thing we haven’t mentioned is that while Costume Party is a three reel slot, you can play it as a one or two reel machine as well.

Review Conclusion: The combination of a unique concept, smooth game play and graphics plus the potential for some large wins makes Costume Party the best three reel game we’ve played in a while.

We would have liked at least one bonus round to vary things up but this is a slot machine you might find yourself playing more than you expect.

Game Information: 3 Reel, 3 Payline Slot machine.

Wild Symbol: Yes. Appears on the middle line and substitutes for all other symbols.

Coin Sizes: 0.01 to 5.00

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