Description and Review: We’ve been saying for ages that there is still plenty of space for new ‘classic’ style slot machine games. It seems that the goodly people at Sheriff Gaming agree with us as Game 2000 is their second classic slots release in the last few months.

The ‘unique’ feature here is that there are two slot machines side by side and you can play one or both simultaneously.

That aside, there’s not much to say about this slot. It’s got one payline and you can bet some serious money if you wish – up to $100 per spin. However, there’s nothing really to recommend Game 2000. It’s as streaky as you would expect from an old skool slot and you can go dozens of spins without seeing any kind of win but there isn’t anything to make the game enticing.

Usually, all three of us would play several thousand spins each, but frankly, Game 2000 was so boring and simplistic, there was no need.

It does have ‘mystery win’ symbols that pay a random prize and are, in effect, scatters. And, well, that’s it. The top prize of 1,000 credits ($200) isn’t enough to make it worth playing.

Eva described this as the most boring slot she’s played all year. She’s right.

Game Information: 3 Reel, 1 Payline Slot Machine.

Mystery Wins: Two mystery symbols appearing scattered pay out a mystery prize. The award ranges from 20-400 credits. Three pays between 40-1000 credits.

Maximum Win: 1000 credits.

Coin Sizes: 0.20. You can wager 5, 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200 credits per spin on one or both machines.

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